16" complete side-charging BCA upper w/ 15" MLOK handguard (currently shown on their site at $378 if you need more info) 92rds. of LAX 300gr RNFP, 28rds. of PrecisionOne 300gr Nosler Mini SP's (120 rounds total, separately loose-packed) Price firm, selling as a bundle only. Model: Side Charger — Non-Reciprocating — Stripped Type: Non-Reciprocating Side Charging AR-15 Stripped Billet Upper Receiver Caliber: Multi (will accept any upper and/or caliber designed for the AR-15 platform) Magazine: Accepts any standard MIL-SPEC AR-15 magazine Weight: 13.3 oz Other Specifications and Features of the Side Charging AR-15 Stripped Billet Upper Receiver: Machined from ...
- Enlarged Ejection Port for the 458 SOCOM - GIBBZ Arms Patented Pending Left Side Charging Handle - Non-reciprocating with detent to keep the charging handle forward during operation. - Uses all Mil-Spec and most Custom Bolt Carriers without modification. - Beveled Ejection Port - Full 15 Slot Picatinny Rail

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kak industry modified upper modified port for use with 458 socom or other large cartridges complete with trapdoor and forward assist KAK MODIFIED COMPLETE UPPER FOR 458 SOCOM JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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Sep 23, 2018 · I have a brand new .458 SOCOM and a brand new Gen 2 PSA AR-10 .308 Win. to trade. Have more pics I can send. The .458 Socom has Spikes lower with CMT Billet side charging upper, Side Charging Bolt also has regular charging handle. Nickel Boron coated trigger and internals and flip up sights. Has front under mount for tac device.
X Products 100% Ambidextrous Multi-Caliber Side Charging Upper Receiver - Black At long last, the day of release is upon us! Our exclusive X Products SCU has been redesigned to be tougher, perform better, and look sharper than any other product of its kin

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GIBBZ Upper Receivers; Charging Handle Info; GIBBZ Media. GIBBZ News; ... The All New G47 Upper!!! Our new G47 upper is designed to work with the Palmetto State ...
Non Reciprocating Side Charging Upper Receiver for Pistol Caliber or AR15 rifle caliber Lower Receivers-Billet 7075 Aluminum-Hinged Flap on the rear of the receiver prevents blowback gas from escaping-Non Reciprocating Side Charging Pistol Caliber:-Wide Ejection Port will eject up to .45 caliber -Designed for Pistol Caliber Blowback Bolt Carriers that do not have Cam Pin.

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Apr 28, 2019 · I was thinking 458 socom would make a real good bear gun up there and was considering building one. I’d be lucky to get over a 100 yard shot and there is a lot of brush. I’ve seen Tromix sells remage style barrels, but I haven’t seen go/no go gauges for 458 socom. I suppose I could head space it with a round, but I’m looking for input.
.458 Socom .458 Socom. Browse by Price ... Davidson Defense Knurled Side Charging Handle (0) $9.99. Barrels; Bolt Carrier Groups; Finish Your Build Kits; Magazines ...

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AR-15 16” .458 SOCOM, side charge upper / with bcg - $439.99 Description Disclosure: Handguards will either be keymod or mlok depending on availability. If you have a preference, please leave in the comment at checkout and we will try to accommodate the request. - 16” Heavy
Dec 23, 2015 · I built a .458 SOCOM with a MEGA SBU side-charger upper (basically a copy of the original LAR side-charger) and the YM National Match side-charger BCG. Half of the reason for choosing the side-charger was that no ejection port modifications were necessary - it was already oversized.

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– Enlarged Ejection Port for the 458 SOCOM – GIBBZ Arms Patented Pending Left Side Charging Handle – Non-reciprocating with detent to keep the charging handle forward during operation. – Uses all Mil-Spec and most Custom Bolt Carriers without modification. – Beveled Ejection Port – Full 15 Slot Picatinny Rail
Product Overview The AR-STONER AR-15 Side Charging Upper Receiver assembly chambered in 458 SOCOM delivers precision accuracy at an affordable price. The machined billet aluminum upper receiver is combined with an extruded aluminum free float M-LOK handguard and both are Type III hard coat anodized.

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Second to the left handed upper, to complete a left handed AR-15, you will need a left handed bolt carrier group, or BCG. At first, the only place you could get one was from Stag Arms. But now, there are quite a few places that make left handed BCGs. Here’s a growing list of left handed bolt carrier group manufacturers.
Wilson's brand new 458 Hammer has been designed to be one of the most powerful AR platforms on the market. This new cartridge can deliver up to 3000 ft-pounds of energy. This being more than some 308 cartridges, the 458 SOCOM and the 458 Bushmaster. The receivers are a hybrid length allowing for components that can absorb higher pressures. The rifle length gas system and adjustable help to ...

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AR Complete Upper Receivers. The most important part to consider when building any AR15 rifle is the complete upper receiver. The upper receiver assembly contains all of the essential parts of the rifle including the barrel, bolt carrier and firing pin, among others.

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The NFA side-charging upper is the way to go if you are a hunter who uses an AR15. Hold the rifle with your right-hand, charge with the left and you’re ready to go. My next coyote build will be on a NFA upper as well.
Jan 24, 2010 · Re: 458 SOCOM Load Data I have a SWEET load with H110 and the Hornady FTX 325 grain bullets. I have a custom 16" shilen barrel on a Rock river upper with Rock River bolt and charging handle. I will have to give you the load data when I get home but I was getting 1/2"-3/4" five shot groups with this load consistantly.

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Apr 30, 2019 · I just built a 458 SOCOM and don't have a gas block for it yet. I loaded some 350gr bullets with 7gr of Red Dot and they are very light loads. The best part is, they are easy to eject with the manual side charging handle on my AR. Pennsylvania still will only allow manually operated rifles for deer hunting.
- 1 450/458 Black Nitride BCG - 1 Extended latch charging handle! Stripped upper with enlarged ejection port for your ar15. Uses standard door and forward assist. The enlarged ejection port is nice for 450 bushmaster, 450 socom, 500 s&w, 50 beowulf, and other larger caliber casings. Add your forward assist and dust cover, and even an engraving!

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Omega Deals AR-15 Upper Starter Kit Featuring: 16" .458 Socom Barrel 1-14T, 15" M-Lok Handguard, Gas Block, Gas Tube, Muzzle Device w/ Crush Washer $344.99 $184.99 Sale In Stock
458 Socom; 350 Legend; AR15 Complete Upper Receivers. 5.56 Nato Complete Uppers; 223 Wylde Complete Uppers; 300 BLK Complete Uppers; 6.5 Grendel Complete Uppers; 224 Valkyrie Complete Uppers; 7.62×39 Complete Uppers; 450 Bustmaster Complete Uppers; 458 Socom Complete Uppers; 350 Legend Complete Uppers; AR15 BCG’s and Charging Handles; AR15 ...

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Mar 15, 2019 · L.-R.: .308 Win., .458 SOCOM, .375 SOCOM and 5.56. The .375 SOCOM is basically a .458 SOCOM necked down to accept the popular .375-inch family of projectiles. Slapping the upper onto a lower receiver revealed it to be a light and handy setup Weight with a Vortex 2.5-10x44mm Viper scope, mount and empty magazine came in at 8.2 pounds.
SAA AR-15 Bolt Assembly Nitride 9310 MPI - 458 SOCOM/450 Bushmaster. Replacement bolt for the 458 SOCOM / 450 Bushmaster Caliber AR-15 (or new builds). Assembled, Nitride finished AR15 Bolt. Completely assembled with standard bolt parts: extractor assembly, ejector assembly, gas rings.

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Enlarged Ejection Port Accommodates .458 SOCOM. Stripped billet upper drops onto standard lower and features expanded ejection port that accommodates .458 SOCOM and other big-bore AR-15 calibers. Integral Picatinny rail provides mounting space, and slick-side design does not require forward assist or ejection port cover, simplifying the build.
Bear Creek AR15 458 SOCOM, Side Charger, 15" Slim M-LOK, Folding Fore Grip, 4X32 Tricolor Prismatic Scope, Flashlight, CMMG 458 Magazine. Bear Creek AR15 458 SOCOM, Side Charger, 15" Slim M-LOK, Folding Fore Grip, 4X32 Tricolor Prismatic .. $750.00

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REV Arms - Side Charging Upper Receiver w/ BCG only. Ar Upper Receiver 458 Socom Firearms Guns Pew Pew 2nd Amendment Rifles Cool Stuff Projects

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