As to the problem as conwelpic pointed out in cars today you don't push on the gas pedal if you are. I bet the brake pedal would depress if pushed hard enough but without the motor running often they don't push easy. Two possibilities come to mind. Check the battery cables and ground, or it could be a problem with the shift lock. Feb 13, 2016 · Hello all! I have a 2014 R/T w/17K miles and when I went to take my car to work this morning, after being warmed up with remote start, I got in car and started it and the brake pedal was hard as a rock and the anti lock light was on. 1-2 restarts, same thing. Acting like booster not getting vacuum.
Dec 31, 2009 · Locking up the parking brake is a great way to do a 180 degree turn in a very short amount of space. When the rear brakes lock up, the rear of the car will immediately swap ends with the front. As soon as the car is pointed the opposite direction, slam on the brakes to stop the car, release the parking brake then hit the gas.

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The customer complains of a no-crank, no-start situation. The condition may be intermittent. The ELV (Electric Steering Lock) warning is shown in the ­Instrument Cluster. Cause #1: The steering column is held against the steering lock because of torque from the steering gear. In such cases, a yellow check control warning (CC ID# 187) is shown ...
Sep 28, 2019 · Funny 35 years ago the only way I got brakes on my Model A was to indeed lengthen the adjustable brake rod to actually depress the plunger about a 1/16 of an inch. Went from soft pedal to screaming to a stop great pedal and brakes. Drove it 4 years and 30,000 miles after that and it's still the same over in Austria now.

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Jun 17, 2017 · Once all vacuum is gone, if the engine is off, the brake pedal will be hard to press because the power assist (via the vacuum) is not present. Once the engine is running again, your brakes will be fine. If your car is not starting, check to see if there are any stored diagnostic trouble codes.
My initial thoughts are something wrong in the front brakes, maybe sticky calipers so more force is required to move them, in turn putting more force to the rears causing the lock. Only problem with this theorie is when traveling slow it takes so little pedal effort to lock em up.

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Yes, when the brakes locked previously, the car wont move unless I gave it some gas. Normally, just lifting the foot off the brake pedal puts the car in motion. I drove the car around for 30 miles today, city traffic. Drove on the Interstate @ 70+ MPH for a short while. The brakes have not locked since the last flush 2 days ago.
A “no brake pedal” condition can be encountered after a new master cylinder is installed, leading the technician to believe that the master cylinder is defective. This is likely not the case; the condition can be caused by the piston sticking in bore of the master cylinder during the bleeding process when the brake system is manually bled.

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Jul 31, 2016 · This is called the brake-shift interlock. A blown brake light bulb can also sometimes cause this condition. If you cannot move the gearshift lever out of P (Park) with ignition in the ON position and the brake pedal depressed: 1. Apply the parking brake, turn ignition key to LOCK, then remove the key. 2.
Trick to start Keyless Cars when the Controller won't work or the Push Button won't work. Sometimes the Brake pedal does not feel right and the car will not...

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Feb 19, 2012 · Hi Gang, We are kind I in a tight spot here. We are at a Target and my young son is asleep in the back of the car. My wife got in the car and pressed the brake without her key. Now we can't start the car. We've tried inserting our key, but we still have to press down the brake. We can't call...
Actually HAVE brakes at the end of the hill! In fact, you will increase the life of your brakes by a few months (or even years, depending on how much steep downhill driving you do) if you simply use engine braking whenever possible — rather than actually pressing the brake pedal to slow your vehicle.

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Jul 05, 2018 · Without the trailer plugged in, use a circuit tester to verify that power is present at the vehicle 7-Way when the brake pedal is pressed or the manual control is used. The electric brake pin should be in the 5 o'clock position. If no power is present, proceed to Method 3.
Using a circuit tester, like item # 3808, you should get output to the trailer brakes, blue wire. If the manual slide activates the trailer brake output wire properly, try the brake pedal. If the brake pedal activates the brake output properly the problem is farther back either in the vehicle wiring or on the trailer.

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Loss of vacuum to the brake booster means you will have to put down some big time pressure on the pedal to get the car to stop. Meaning once all the air is gone you get a stiff/locked brake pedal at which point your parking brake becomes your friend in a emergency situation with the car turned off.
Nov 20, 2018 · Engine won't start and the brake pedal won't let you push it down, but the radio is on. It stays like this for 30-60 seconds until you can turn it off and try again. Sometimes opening the door and closing it seems to help things along, but that's not consistent.

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It’s usually illuminated when you need to press the brake pedal to put the car into gear, i.e. you’re in P (park) in an automatic car and to move to R or D you need to press the brake pedal, or to start the car when you have a push-button start. Brake light warning. If your brake lights have failed you might see this warning light.

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2) Assuming you have found the back-up start plan (find it here!), put both feet on the brake pedal and push with all your might while pushing the Start/Stop button. The pedal will engage the switch allowing the car to start. You will then feel the brake pedal “relax” under your feet.
I don't think I have any leaks. The fluid has not gone down any and the last time I worked on the brakes was 6-8 months ago. The brake set up is stock disc/drums. Stock master should be the right size. The brakes are more than just a little low. The car is really not driveable this way. I am looking to put it back on the road.

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She sat in the drivers seat, pumped the pedal a few times then held it down, I loosened the bleeder screw, pedal went to the floor, tighten the bleeder screw, and then release pedal. We did this 4x on each side. I added a bit of brake fluid to the reservoir after each side was done. The brake pedal is still soft.
Press brake pedal as hard as possible while engine is running and car is stationary or moving slowly. If brake light comes on and the pedal initially feels like it has no assist, the bomb may not be holding pressure. A thorough test: Engine running at idle, steering to right or left full lock 20 seconds, at the same time pump brakes hard 10 to ...

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BMW alarm system or the key itself may be the reason why your car won't start. Try locking and unlocking the car a couple of times, then try starting it. In some cases, a defective key can unlock the car but still does not start the engine. This problem often happens if the key gets wet or is stored in a humid environment.
Mar 05, 2016 · Be prepared to break your car. Pull the emergency brake. Put the transmission in the lowest gear you have to keep it from shifting. Hold down the brake pedal; Press the gas pedal down and build some tension in the front wheels. Release the brakes very shortly after and mash the gas pedal to apply a quick shock to the tires.

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Obviously, you must first put your foot on the brake pedal. The shift lock system prevents the shift lever from moving to Reverse or Drive from the Park position, unless the brake pedal is depressed and the accelerator is in its rest position.
Mar 21, 2019 · The car shows you how to start the car using the emergency method. Place the fob on top of the button and wait for the car to recognise it for a few seconds. The press the button with the key fob as shown. If the key is programmed, the car will start! It’s now time to find out why the car key is playing up.

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Because if you have your brakes locked up car won’t move fine until you fix the actual cause. For damaged Brake Lines To best fix a damaged brake line, you have to get them replaced, but make sure you purchase the r ecommended brake line for your vehicle.
On 2010 Hyundai Genesis and Coupe models, the cause of an intermittent no-start problem with the push start button usually turns out to be a defective brake pedal switch. The switch is not telling the system that the driver is depressing the brake pedal when the driver tries to start the engine.

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5. Stuck Brake Pedal And Failure To Start . If your ’09 Altima’s brake pedal fails to depress and the car refuses to start, then it’s likely that your brake switch has gone ka-put. This issue is so common that many 2009 Altima owners feel that Nissan should’ve issued a recall on their brake switches.

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