-- Chevrolet - Small Block Engine Models -- All Chevrolet - Small Block Kits Small Block Generic 265 283 302 305 307 327 350 383 400 Brodix Carl Folts Dart Pro Action Rodeck World Products Weld Tech All Pro.~~Killer SBF 20* KUNTZ Brodix Track 1X~~ « on: September 16, 2010, 10:03:57 am » First of all let me state these are probably one of if not the baddest SBF 20* Heads out their.
Sbf Ford Aluminum Cylinder Heads 302 351w 190cc 62cc 2.02 1.60 For Roller Cam

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Brodix Big Duke 18 Degree PB1801 PB1803. 5-Axis CNC Porting of Intake and Exhaust Ports. Drag Racing, Circle Track, or Grudge Racing? We have mulitple programs for the Dart SBC Platinum and Non-Platinum Cylinder Trick Flow SBF High Port 5-Axis CNC Porting Intake and Exhaust Ports.
Jesel KPS-01302 Pro-Series Rocker Kit - BRODIX 11x and TRACK 1 Heads. Part #: 754 $ 1,695.95

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Dart-Rocket-Brodix. Donovan H/C 410. GM LS Series. Dart LS Next. GM LT Series. Chevy Big Block. Chevy Big Block, Gen V/Gen VI. Donovan, DRC2, Merlin. Chrysler 273-340 ...
023005c Bmp . 023005c Bmp Man Oand039war 18anddeg Sbf Cnc Ported 228/64cc Bare Heads Seats ... Brodix Track . Brodix Track 1 Ford Compatible Series Cylinder Heads/20 ...

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Brodix BB-2Xtra CNC Heads MANLEY Valves for sale in MOORESVILLE, NC, Price: $3,858 RACINGJUNK GIVEAWAY - Check Out All of our Giveaways Here! - enter now COVID-19 Update: News and Resources for the Race and Performance Industry
BRODIX BBC ALUMINUM BLOCKS. Brodix Aluminum Big Block Chevy Engine Blocks The new big block aluminum block is truly a masterpiece. The fit and finish is one of the best. A-356 virgin aluminum is used to assure maximum potential for strength and repair-ability. 1/4″ registers position the cast iron sleeves. The sleeves may be bored to 4.600.

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It is wise to look for the best average mid-lift flow numbers (refer to Table 1 Intake Flow). Two heads clearly stand out. The TFS Twisted Wedge flows an astonishing 199cfm average flow between .200" and .500" lift. The AFR also flows an impressive 194cfm in the mid range average.
427 SBF Short Block. BBC Brodix Cylinder Heads: Brodix BB1. 09/05/18 California law now requires any reseller of California based manufactured parts (including by not limited to Dart, Race Winning Brands, AFR, Scat and Brodix) to inform it's customers of the following.

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Brodix Small Block Chevy Aluminum Blocks 8b 1000-8b 1150. 4,997.45. View Details. Brodix Canted Valve Small Block Chevy Heads. 2,500.00. View Details.
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Dart-Rocket-Brodix. Donovan H/C 410. GM LS Series. Dart LS Next. GM LT Series. Chevy Big Block. Chevy Big Block, Gen V/Gen VI. Donovan, DRC2, Merlin. Chrysler 273-340 ...
Power Products Fabricated Aluminum Circle Track Valve Covers, Chev SB, Tall w/Baffled Tubes, Pair: Chevrolet Small Block Driver-side has 2 Removable 1-3/8" O.D. Breather Tubes Breather Tubes are Baffled One piece 1/4" Billet Rails Lightweight 6061 Aluminum Tall Design, Clears most rockers. In Stock

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The BRODIX Track 1® is also available completely CNC ported at an economical price. CNC porting ensures maximum consistency between each intake and exhaust port. No special components are required with the CNC ported BRODIX Track 1® head.
Reduced New Comp Cams Pn 4018 Chevy 265-400 Brodix Pontiac 7/16 Stud Girdle Small Block Sbf - See Price Small Block Sbf Ford Header Flanges 3 Bolt Spacing Dart Brodix Afr 1 7/8andrdquo Stubs

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Looking for some port work on a set of SBF brodix track 1's. Heads have been cnc'd by M2 but looking for more out of them. Looking for suggestions on who to call to get them to flow better. Anyone had them ported and what are your track 1's flowing.

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The BRODIX Track 1 F comes standard with an exhaust port that has been raised .500″. The X exhaust that incorporates the “N” bolt pattern is available as an option, and the combustion chambers may be angle milled. BRODIX has the perfect head for all applications with port sizes ranging from 195 cc to 225 cc. Photos.
Dart Pro 1 225cc or Brodix Track 1 Fully CNC Ported Heads; ... New Motown SBF Race Match Ported Intake Manifold w/4500 Top and 1050 QFT Carburetor + $ 795.00.

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T&D, SportComp Shaft Rockers, Chev SB, 1.60/1.60 Ratio Chevrolet SB, Chev 461/492, Iron Bowtie, Dart Iron Eagle, Pro Topline/RHS Iron Lightning & World Sportsman 1.60/1.50 Ratio
Stage 1 is a match port to your heads only. There is an article in Super Chevy High Performance Magazine, June 2008 issue, that shows that Dart CNC ported Pro 1's at .500 lift from right to left port, they were flowing 21 CFM's off from one runner to the next.

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Our 427" SBF is topped with Edelbrock Victor "Glidden" series ported cylinder heads fed thru a Holley Hi Ram intake manifold. Part Number. SBF HEI Distributor and Spark Plug Wiring Kit, Cast Camshaft. Hi-Level 28HL500. Developed by Gaijin entertainment, it uses their in house "Dagor" engine. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 6 of 6 Posts. FREE Shipping.
Any of you using Brodix T1 Heads out there on your SBF say on a 331 to 347 with a Solid Roller Set Up? If so any realy good numbers? They have a competion Valve Job, 2.080/1.60, 1.550 Roller Springs, 240 closed 540 open, 68cc chamber. Its what you find on line with a bit more work.

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Brodix Sts Track F1 225 Sbf Heads Small Block Ford. 2,100.00. View Details. Brodix -18x Series Small Block Chevy Cylinder Heads18 1188002. 3,170.07. View Details.
- Inline Heads NON- SVA, SBF 20* Hi-Port, SBC 23* Raised Runner and LS-7 style heads– 3125 lbs - TIER 1 Canted Valve - ETP C5R, Ford Yates C3, CHI 3V, Edelbrock VG II Inline – 3175 lbs - TIER 2 Canted Valve - Blue Thunder 4.3, CID BELS7 Inline, SB2.2, Brodix BF200 Neal - 3175 lbs

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brand:brodix track1 sbc - types:heads - category:auto parts > engines components > cylinder heads > item:brodix TRACK1 sbc heads. Brodix track 1 sbc heads. New. US Seller. Fixed Price $1623.62. +$40.00 shipping. Brodix track 1 sbf heads.
Home. Brodix BBC. Long Block. Modular Valve Covers. Brodix Valve Covers. Includes. Block, heads, oil pan

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Custom Brodix Dart Ls3 Ls7 Heads Built To Any Lift ... Bbc Pro1 Dart 345/121 2.3/1.88 Bare Heads 19300030 And Dart Stainless Steel Valves ... Air Flow Research Sbf ...

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